segunda-feira, 1 de junho de 2015

Sérgio Cambas nomeado empresário do ano pelo Flavors&Senses.

Sérgio Cambas, o jovem empresário por trás do sucesso de O Paparico Restaurante e do mais recente Brasão Cervejaria é um dos nomeados na categoria "EMPRESÁRIO DO ANO".

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quinta-feira, 1 de janeiro de 2015

Discover The Most Intimate And Romantic Setting At O Paparico

"Open for years in the historic section of Porto, this lively and intimate restaurant managed to remain a well kept secret until recently. Located within a nondescript building, with no sign or indication of its existence, only locals in the know would look for wholesome, traditional cuisine in an environment as yet undiscovered by the growing tourist trade passing through Porto.

That is, until a while back, when a weary honeymooning couple prevailed upon their generous innkeeper to find them a romantic place to dine, preferably surrounded only by local people and not the tourists they kept running into, every time they turned around. The secret of the O Paparico restaurant was revealed and the happy couple could not resist reporting their find in the Porto restaurant scene on a popular travel website, once they returned home.

Even so, not many are willing to hunt around for the Porto delight with no sign but those that are thrilled to have found such an experience in great dining! The staff at the O Paparico restaurant will warn you that every dish is more than enough for two, and it is, making it well worth the hunt, and the cost.

When dining at this Porto restaurant, we heartily recommend the veal terrine, fish chowder and cheese tapas, as well as suggesting that you try several of the local vintages with your meal. Try to save room for a homemade dessert, but that in itself might be more of a challenge to those not used to such abundance."