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Porto - O Paparico

28 March 2012

O Paparico is the number one beloved restaurant at Trip Advisor for Porto. It's worth for a visit to enjoy the exquisite food.  Here is the motto of the restaurant -'Food is both science and art, and the man who puts all his heart into satisfying his fellow men deserves consideration'.

It's a Wednesday night. After reading the prices at BOOK, I proposed to try the highly recommended restaurant, Opaparico or Oh Rich Dad. We called quickly to reserve a table. With luck we could get a taxi right away to get to it, located in a residential district, about a €6 ride from the downtown.

We did not see the name but approached a nearby bar. We were escorted to the restaurant a few doors apart. The door opened upon a few knocks. The owner, Sergio, came and greeted us.

Two to three appetizers were sitting on the table. We could take them or order different dishes. Calamari was out. Veal terrine remained. It was velvet with wonderful flavours. We ordered codfish and scallop. Both were excellent! Vinho Verde, forgot the vineyard, was a perfect match.
For main, we opt for veal cooked with wild mushroom. Taste was superb and texture was perfect. Kind of mushroom can be found in China, my idea, but extraordinarily matching the veal. We were offered choices of red wine to pair up.  The potato chips were terrific, thin with light passing through and not greasy at all.
We picked rice pudding with cinnamon ice cream to end the dinner but offered two extra desserts. Only satisfactions & happiness. it's certainly one of the best meals in my working life, not second to but better than Table Number One in Shanghai, run by Jason Atherton.  I believe every guest can sense Sergio's (the owner) passion about gastronomy.  It is a wonderful experience dinning here.  Hope there will be another chance to visit again.  It's so far from Hong Kong........
Arouquesa- veal terrine with port wine

Codfish crevice with parsley, onion and olive oil
Grilled scallop with coral butter and chorizo vinaigrette
Veal with wild mushroom and Oporto wine sauce, new potatoes and savage rice dose for two persons
Rice puddings with cinnamon ice cream + 2 complimentary desserts
Cheese ice cream with bay leave, rosemary and honey + Pearl in coffee cream and chocolate
Rue de Costa Cabral 2343, Porto
Tel: 225 400 548

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